Team of Educators


Team of Educators


Anjali Singh

With a passion for fostering holistic development for young learners and a belief in the power of play, Anjali brings 3 years of experience and a unique blend of educational philosophies to our school community.

Anjali’s journey as an Early Years Educator commenced at Kunskapsskolan International, where she excelled in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, customizing the curriculum to cater to individual needs, and fostering effective parent-teacher communication. Her commitment to continuous improvement is evident as she stays abreast of the latest educational research and practices.

Prior to her role at Kunskapsskolan, Anjali made significant contributions to an educational start up, where she served as a facilitator. Here, she not only provided academic support but also undertook play-based learning initiatives using diverse materials.

Anjali’s expertise extends beyond academics, covering essential early years education skills such as phonics instruction, collaborative learning, and creative lesson planning.


Merline Melchuis Dass

Meet Merline, an inspiring educator with a wealth of experience in the field of Early Years Education. With a remarkable 12 years of edicated service, Merline has left a lasting impact on the lives of countless young learners.

Merline is a trained Montessori educator practicing the principles of this scientific pedagogy and child – centric approach to her teaching methods.

Before joining our school, Merline served as an EYP (Early Years Program) Teacher at the esteemed American Embassy School, New Delhi. This experience has shaped her understanding of how to engage effectively through the magic of singing, art and craft, stories and movement.

Merline firmly believes that children thrive in an environment that encourages play, creativity and imagination. She has been a driving force behind the creation of numerous opportunities for students to explore the world through songs, stories and movement, as she knows this is the key to unlocking their innate creativity and passion for learning.

Merline’s teaching philosophy revolves around engaging all three dimensions of a child’s being: The Hand, Heart and Head – a balanced approach that ensures meaningful and sustainable learning experiences.

Her dedication to her work goes beyond merely imparting knowledge; she aspires to nurture free human beings who can find purpose and direction in their lives.


Shairel Kumar

Shairel, a beacon of creativity and passion, brings with her 3 years of immersive experience in early childhood education. Her tenure at Kunskapsskolan International, Gurgaon was a canvas where she painted innovative teaching methods, captivating and inspiring young minds. Dedicated to sculpting a nurturing and dynamic learning space, she ensures every child feels cherished and empowered to explore their artistic prowess.

Her teaching ethos is a masterpiece, blending play-based interactions and hands-on experiences into the curriculum, igniting a fervent love for learning. She crafts an inclusive sanctuary, fostering curiosity, imagination, and collaboration among her students. Beyond imparting knowledge, Shairel is a maestro of life skills, equipping her students to navigate the complexities of the world with confidence.

Shairel’s aura exudes warmth and empathy, her nurturing spirit evident from the moment you meet her. She revels in the company of children, extending a guiding hand and walking alongside them in their educational journey. To her, education transcends mere instruction; it is an art form, meticulously tailored to resonate with each child’s individual narrative.