Turning Dreams into Achievements


Founder and Director

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar is a dynamic and visionary entrepreneur known for his passion for reshaping the educational landscape and had a vision of creating the best preschool in delhi ncr. This positions him as a catalyst for change, instilling innovation and progressive ideals into his educational pursuits. With a diverse background spanning education, literature, and philanthropy, he embodies a multifaceted personal.

Armed with an M.B.A. degree, Mr Sanjeev Kumar marries academic rigour with an unyielding passion for education. His unrelenting efforts in the field of education resonate with his commitment to redefining educational paradigms. Through his guidance he tends to offer holistic and innovative learning experiences, setting new standards in education.

Beyond managerial responsibilities, Mr Sanjeev Kumar consistently manifests his commitment to driving positive change through impactful initiatives:

1. Revolutionizing Education: At the heart of Mr Kumar’s endeavours lies a mission to revolutionize education. He envisions educational institutions as catalysts for fostering critical thinking, creativity, and comprehensive development. Through schools like DPS under Mr. Sanjeev’s Trust’s purview, he aspires to provide students with a quality education that equips them for a rapidly evolving world.

academic head

Sanjeev Kumar

(Founder and Director)

2. Empowering Educators: Recognizing the pivotal role of teachers, Mr Kumar initiates the establishment of a Teacher’s Training College. This initiative seeks to elevate teaching methodologies, enabling educators to create engaging and effective learning environments.

3. Literary Contributions: Mr Sanjeev Kumar’s literary passion manifests in his successful ventures as an author. His books on quizzing not only engage intellect but also contribute to nurturing a curious and informed society.

4. Cultural Enrichment: A patron of Indian Classical Music and sports, Mr Kumar actively supports and promotes these cultural and physical pursuits. His endeavours enrich the cultural fabric of his hometown and inspire others to embrace these art forms.

5. Acknowledgments and Accolades: Mr Kumar’s dedication to entrepreneurship and social initiatives garners recognition and awards, attesting to his impactful contributions.

Mr Sanjeev Kumar’s appointment as a member of the Education Wing of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) ARISE underscores his visionary entrepreneurial outlook. His adeptness at anticipating and adapting to future trends positions him as a leader capable of steering his initiatives towards sustainable growth and advancement. Mr Sanjeev Kumar’s profile resonates with ardent dedication to education, literature, culture, and societal progress. His multifaceted endeavours mirror his managerial adeptness and profound influence as a social entrepreneur committed to fostering positive change in the educational sector and beyond.